Add to Amazon Wish List From Other Sites

Updated February, 2020
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You can add to Amazon Wish Lists from other sites with one click. This keeps your lists organized and is easy for others to buy from with no searching required. Here’s how using:

The “Add to Wishlist” add-on;

Install the “Add to Wishlist” add-on from As you're browsing product pages on other sites, click on the Amazon wish list button on your browser's toolbar. When the wish list window opens, click the "Add to Wish List" link to add that product. If Amazon finds the same product in its stores, it will show up at the bottom, along with Amazon's price. View in your Amazon wish list.

The “Amazon Assistant” browser extension/plugin;

Go to “Amazon Assistant.” Click “Install” and follow the instructions. If you’ve added an item using Amazon Assistant to your lists from another retailer, you'll receive a notification about this. Also, friends and family browsing your list will see non-Amazon items listed. If they choose to buy anything they are taken to the store where the item is listed and the transaction will take place outside of

The “Universal Registry Button;”

Visit “Registry Button.” Click “Install.” Follow the instructions.