Amazon Add Ons

November 25, 2020
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Pro Tip: Look at your Amazon orders and see if your add-on items are sent, here. Your order needs to be over $25 for your add-on items to get included.

Add-on items are cheap items that aren't cost effective to ship on their own. You're able to make an order of $25 made entirely of add-on items. Or, make an order of more than $25 and include your add-on items to that order.

Either way, your purchase needs to be $25+ in order for your add-ons to get included in the shipping. Only items that cost less than $25 are eligible to be add-ons. This Amazon feature allows you to save on your delivery fees for small items.

You get your smaller items sent in one-go with your larger items, or all together in one package. Get the best prices and deals on multiple add-on items on Amazon, here.

How do I make an order an add-on?

  • Sign in to your Amazon account
  • Browse the store and find an item that you want that's less than $25
  • Look for the 'Add-on Item' button (It's a blue flag). Click this button to save your order as an add on

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