Amazon Book Condition Guidelines

June 9, 2020
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Pro Tip:. Click here to see the guidelines enforced by Amazon to ensure that sellers only provide paperbacks that are readable. You're able to see which conditions a books is available in (new, used, bargain, etc) under its 'Product details'.

The Amazon book condition guidelines get used by sellers. These guidelines ensure that each book gets sold under the correct condition. For example, it stops sellers from putting a book up as 'New' if it's in fact an older copy.

Different types of book conditions are available. This means you're able to get a cheaper, used version of your favorite book instead of buying a new version. However, you need to know what to expect from each type of condition listed. There's many different options, including 'Bargain', 'Used' and 'New'.

What are Amazon's book condition guidelines?

  • A book is 'New' if it's a brand-new copy. It also needs to have its original protective wrapping intact.
  • If a book is new, but it has a marking of any kind on its cover or pages, it's marked as 'Bargain' or 'Reminder'.
  • 'Used - Like New' books have minor marks, wears, cuts, bends, or crushes. However, the dust cover is intact. The pages don't have notes on them made by the previous reader.
  • A book is 'Used - Very Good' if it's got minor cosmetic defects on the cover, spine, pages, or dust cover. It usually doesn't have shrink wrap, a boxed case, or dust cover.
  • 'Used - Good' books have pages that are still intact, but their spines have signs of wear. The pages also typically have highlights and marks.
  • Books listed as 'Used - Acceptable' usually have some kind of water damage or markings on its pages. These books also don't have an original cover. However, the text is still readable.

Unacceptable Amazon book conditions

  • It's missing pages and has unreadable text
  • It isn't clean and has mold, heavy stains or corrosion
  • It i's a copy, counterfeit, replica or imitation
  • I's an uncorrected proof of in-print, or a not-yet-published book
  • It's passed it's the expiration date. Or, it's expiration date is tampered with or removed