Amazon Gift Wrap - What Does It Look Like?

June 15, 2020
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Amazon's gift wrapping is typically simple, elegant, and one color. It arrives as a gift bag, with a white ribbon tying the top of the wrapping. You get a card with the text 'A Gift For You' on the front and a personal message on the back. You also get a receipt that you're able use to return your present and get an Amazon Gift Card (found on Amazon, here) instead. allows you to send gifts to your friends and family by clicking on the 'This is a gift' box under the product details. Once you've proceeded to checkout, you then click on the 'Gift wrap this item' box. You're able to include a personalized note gets attached to your gift bag.

The wrapping paper is stylish, yet simple. The color of your wrapping varies, with available colors such as the following:

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Red

Unfortunately, you aren't able to choose your color or wrapping preferences.

What does an Amazon gift look like?

The package arrives in a box with tape around it. Once you open it, you're greeted with the pleasant surprise of a neatly wrapped gift bag. It doesn't look like a traditional present, with no ribbon across the box.

Instead, the white ribbon gets tied at the top of your gift to hold the Amazon wrapping in place. Simply untie the ribbon to uncover the wrapping paper and open your gift.

What else comes with a wrapped Amazon gift?

  • A packing slip that allows the person you've gifted to know who the gift is from. If you want to hide the price, you're able to select that option during checkout.
  • A personalized gift message from you that you fill in when making your order