Amazon Locker Pickup

Updated February, 2020
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How to pick up your package from an Amazon (Hub) Locker? Your package is available for pickup at an Amazon Hub Locker for three days after you receive your pickup code. If you are unable to do so, the package is returned to Amazon for a full refund. There are two ways to pick up from a Locker.

Using your pickup code;

Take the unique pickup code you receive via email or text message to your Locker location. To receive your pickup code in a text message, go to “Shipment Updates via Text” Settings. Enter your code into the touch screen display.

Using your 6 digit barcode;

Find the barcode in your delivery notification email. Scan the barcode at your Locker location. The barcode scanner is beneath the Locker's touch screen.

Once you’ve selected a Locker location for delivery, you can also request a lower slot (between 15" and 48" from the ground) during checkout.