Amazon Manage Returns (#1 Best Way)

June 9, 2020
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Pro tip:Click here to start the process of returning your item to Amazon. The Returns and Refunds page allows you to report your item's return and get a shipping address.

Returning your item with Amazon is easy and quick. Either use their Returns and Refunds feature on Customer Service, or call 1-888-280-4331. You pay a 20% restocking fee if your item gets returned due to you not wanting it. However, you don't pay this fee if you're returning a damaged or incorrect order. ensures that your returns are easy to handle. Simply package your item and ship it to the address it came from. Once you have your shipping receipt you then email it to Amazon. This is how you authenticate your item's return delivery.

Contact Amazon's Customer Service to get clarification on when to expect your refund. You're typically given back the amount that your item cost, minus the restocking fee. However, if the item is a gift then you get an Amazon Gift Card instead.