Amazon Missed Delivery Date

Updated February, 2020
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It's hard to imagine, but Amazon does miss its delivery dates sometimes. Harsh weather, custom procedures, incorrect/incomplete address. In all cases, we recommend confirming your delivery date (and correct address) on your order.

You can do that, here.

Your next best step, if they miss their delivery date, is to contact their customer service directly.

Visit their “Contact Us” page. Click on “an order I placed” > select your order > “problem with order” > “shipping or delivery issues.” Select the “shipment is late” option.

If all else fails you can get in touch with a customer service liaison directly either by phone or live chat, here. You'll have to wait for someone to get back to you from Amazon (about your missed delivery).

The best part? In some circumstances, Amazon will refund your shipping fees if you meet certain requirements. You can view those “Guaranteed Delivery Terms and Conditions,” here. They also might offer a $5 or $10 promotion credit (in certain circumstances).