Amazon Music Vs Spotify

November 25, 2020
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Spotify gives its users a platform to stream music, upload their own and interact with fans. However, Amazon Music is far better in comparison. Amazon Music even offers a free trail so you're able to try it out for yourself and make up your mind.

When it comes to choosing which music streaming service is better, you've got to consider what you want out of your experience.

Amazon music is also free for Amazon Prime members, adding onto the endless list of benefits for only $199 a year. Get your FREE 30-day trail, here.

3 Reasons Amazon Music is better than Pandora

  • Amazon Music saves your songs after you've listened to them, giving you a way to go back to listen to tracks you love
  • You get to make your own playlists and customize each one to your taste
  • You get a 'plus' icon next to songs that allows you to easily add them to a list of favorites
  • You're offered multiple plans, such as: Free (Included with Prime) Unlimited, HD, and Echo

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