Amazon Order Pending Verification Gift Card

Updated February, 2020
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Amazon gift card order “Pending Verification.” “Pending Verification” means Amazon is in the process of verifying your payment method. 

Delivery of digital gift card products may be delayed up to four hours for your protection, such as when a new payment method is used or when an order is placed with a large quantity or amount. In rare circumstances, the delivery may take up to 24 hours. 

If an electronic or text message gift card doesn't arrive, you can resend it to the recipient. Resending the gift card will generate a new one and the original will be deactivated.

To reissue an email or text message gift card;

  • Go to “ Your Orders.”

  • Click “Order Details” under the “Order ID.”

  • On the “Order Summary” page, click “Resend” for the gift card you want to resend.

  • Review the information about the gift card to be reissued, and follow the instructions on the page. You may be asked to verify your payment information for security purposes.

Amazon will contact you by email once your original gift card has been canceled and you’ve been issued a new one.

If you do not see a “Resend” link, the gift card was likely redeemed by the recipient. You can choose to cancel your order before electronic delivery. You can also specify a delivery date up to one year in advance of the sale date. If you schedule a future delivery date, you'll be charged 1 - 2 days before your email gift card is delivered. An email reminder will be sent to you.