Amazon Parental Controls Password (+ Where To Find)

June 15, 2020
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Pro Tip: Click here to access your Amazon App and find the Parental Controls. Stop your kids from making purchases without your permission and protect your account.

Parental Control passwords stop your kids from accessing your Amazon account. This feature is only available for the Amazon app. Find 'Parental Controls' under 'Settings' and enable it to add your password.

Devices like cell phones and tablets are fantastic for kids to use for educational uses. However, often they don't only use it for that once you hand it over.

The Parental Control system is in place to stop your kids from accessing your account. It does this by asking for a special code for entry into your account.

This way you avoid unwanted purchases and unnecessary complications with your account.

Where to find parental controls on Amazon App

  • Launch and sign in to your Amazon App on your device
  • Tap on the 'Account' button
  • Tap Settings to be able to find the 'Parental Controls' button
  • Tap the 'Enable Parental Controls'  button enter your Amazon account password