Amazon Payment Revision Needed

Updated February, 2020
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Amazon payment revision needed. 

Revise payment on Amazon allows you to retry your payment method or use another one if your previous transaction attempt failed.

To revise payment on your order;


  • Go to “ Your Orders.”

  • Go to the order you want and click “Revise Payment Method.”

  • Select the payment method of your choice and click “Retry Payment.”

The Revise Payment option could appear for following reasons;

  • Your payment failed and the transaction wasn't completed.

  • The bank declined your payment.

  • You closed, refreshed the page or pressed the backspace button while the transaction was being processed by your bank.

  • The connection between Amazon and your bank failed due to technical reasons and the transaction couldn't be completed.

You can revise your payment with your last payment method or choose a different payment method for that order.