Amazon Prime Xbox One (+Watch Now)

June 9, 2020
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Pro Tip: Click here to become an Amazon Prime user and stream free movies and shows on your Xbox One. Download the Prime Video app on your Xbox One to sign in to your account and stream all your favorite shows.

You're able to watch Amazon Prime Video on your Xbox One. It's as simple as using your Xbox One's App store and downloading to Prime Video. Sign in to your account and start streaming.

Prime Video has many benefits and is a great way to find new movies to rent on Amazon. It works the same as Netflix by allowing you to watch TV shows and movies with your Xbox One browser. You're able to watch over 5,000 movies for free. This service is available to all Amazon users.

However, Amazon Prime members get to stream some movies and shows for free. Non-Prime members pay a fee for each on-demand movie that gets streamed. To have access to all the available TV channels you pay $4.99–$14.99 per month.