Amazon Save For Later

November 25, 2020
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Pro Tip: Click here to go to your Amazon account. From here, click on 'View archived orders' and view. You're able to add to your archived orders by looking at ‘Your Orders‘. Click on the 'archive order' button next to the order you want to hide.

Amazon allows you to archive your orders and save them for another time. This hides the item from your list of orders. It's is a great way to stop friends and family from seeing the gift you're planning on buying.

It's also helpful in keeping your orders private. Use the 'Your Account' (Click here for a shortcut) and 'Your Orders' features to find and add toy our archived list on Amazon.

How to view archived orders

  • Log in to your account, here
  • Click on 'Your account'
  • Then, select the 'Archived orders' option
  • All the item's you've archived get shown here, and you're able to use a filter to sort through them

How to archive an item

  • Log in to your account, here
  • Click on 'Your Orders'
  • Find the item you want to archive. Click on the 'Archive order' button and the item gets hidden.

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