Amazon Says Arriving Today but Not out for Delivery

June 2, 2020
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Amazon says your package is arriving today but is not out for delivery. Out for delivery means it is on the road and scheduled to reach you that day. You can confirm your tracking status and time via Your Orders page. Bear in mind, expected delivery could take place within 48 hours, or in some cases, outside of that.

Check the following;

Your shipping address. A notice of attempted delivery. The delivery location for your package. If someone else accepted your delivery. Your mailbox or wherever else you receive mail.

Estimated delivery windows factor in potential delays like weather or traffic and are about two-four hours. You can also track your delivery via text or in real-time through map tracking, but some carriers do not have this tool available.

If you want to contact the carrier such as FedEx or UPS, you can view their contact information here, Shipping Carrier Contacts.