Amazon Seller Central Phone Number (+ Get A Live Rep)

June 2, 2020
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Pro Tip: Click here to speak with an Amazon Customer Service rep via email. Unfortunately, there is no phone number for their services yet.

There's currently no Amazon Seller Support phone number to call. To speak with a live rep, you've got to log into your seller account. You're able to speak via email until the Amazon Seller Support number becomes available. Speaking with a rep via email isn't as convenient as speaking over the phone.

However, you're still able to get fast support and concise answers to your questions. To get assistance via email, click on 'Get support' and carefully describe your issue. You're likely to receive a response from a live rep in 48 hours or less.

Although the Amazon Seller Central contact number isn't released yet, you're able to contact Amazon by calling 1-888-280-4331.