Amazon Suspends Delivery Service

November 25, 2020
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Pro Tip: Get medical supplies, high-demand products and must-have home items on Amazon, here. Until further notice, all warehouse shipments of non-essential items are suspended due to the Corona Virus epidemic.

Amazon is currently suspending all warehouse shipments from independent merchants. There are no packages getting delivered or orders getting taken for non-essential items. This is Amazon's way of combating the growing Corona Virus outbreak.

When is Amazon going to make shipments again?

At the start of the Corona Virus epidemic, Amazon officials noticed a peak in sales. The increase in sales were for cleaning supplies and other necessary items for Covid19 protection.

In efforts to slow the spreading of the virus, Amazon decided to suspend all shipments of non-essential items. Their goal is to focus on what the public needs.

This minimizes the amount of people making contact with each other. The less contact people have with each other, the less likely there is to be more Corona Virus cases.

Once sales and shipments of all products become available again, Amazon's users get notified. Until then, sales are restricted and warehouse shipments are suspended.

Be prepared and stay safe. Get your essential items and medical supplies from Amazon, here.  

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