Amazon Teacher Wish List

Updated February, 2020
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An Amazon Teacher Wish List provides your child’s teacher with the basic tools and supplies needed to run the classroom effectively. Parents can then support them by donating.

To set one up;

Sign in to your Amazon account. Hover over “Accounts & Lists” in the top right corner. “Create a List.” From the “This list is for” drop-down menu, select “You.” In the list type options, choose “Wish List.” Next, type in the name of your list. As you’ll share this list with your student’s parents, make sure to make it easily recognizable. In the “Privacy” section, make sure you set the wish list to “Public” (this allows other people access). The “Recipient Name” should include your name. Click the “Create List” button in the bottom right corner.

Once ready, send it to your family, friends, and students’ parents. You can keep it public so people can search for it or select “Shared.” Then, click “Send list to others.” You can send people the (URL) link or email them from here. You can also share your wish list on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

To add items to the list;

Use Amazon search to find products you’d like to add. Once you find one, click on it to open the product page. On the right side of the page, you’ll see the “Add to List” drop-down menu. Click the arrow button on the menu. Click the name of the wish list you’ve created and start adding your items!

To view your list;

Hover over the “Accounts & Lists” option in the top right corner. In the “Your Lists” section of the menu, click on the name of your class supplies wish list. You can sort the items by relevance, priority, etc. or drag the left edge of the item card up or down.

You can also access your class wish list via “Your Lists” and “Your Account.”