Amazon Wish List Button Chrome

Updated February, 2020
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You can add an Amazon Wish List button to Chrome. Amazon Wish Lists are universal and can work with this extension. You will then be able to add products to your Amazon Wish List from any website, making it easier to track all your items in one place.

Here’s how to do it;

Download the Amazon Wish List extension to your Google Chrome browser and start shopping. When you see something you want on any website, click the Amazon “Add to Wish List” button. A pop-up will open and from here you can adjust details about the item. “Add to list” to confirm your selection. The item will then appear on your Amazon Wish List.

The Amazon Wish List Google Chrome browser extension works for all Amazon retail websites and their wish lists worldwide. The extension will default to work for the country for which your browser is localized. You can adjust the extension settings to override the default country.

By using this add-on, you agree to Amazon’s “Conditions of Use.”