Amazon Wish List Search

Updated February, 2020
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You can do an Amazon Wish List search by using a person’s name or email address. Wedding and baby registries, as well as friends and family gifting, are all options available for search on Amazon. Here’s how to buy the perfect gift in a few easy steps.

To search for a friend’s Amazon Wish List or gift registry hover over “Account & Lists” and click “Wish List.” “Your Friends” (you'll see friends who have already shared their lists with you). Enter the person’s name or email address of the list you want to search for. “Search.” From the list of results, click on the registrant’s name and view their list or “Add Friend.” To request access to a friend's list, write your own message or use the one given then click the “Email this message” button and there you go!

To search for a wedding or baby wish list go to “Wedding / Baby Wish List” or select “Wish List” at the top of the page > select “Wedding / Baby Wish List” from the drop-down menu > enter the registrant’s name or email address in the search box provided > “Find” > click on the list owner's name and, once you’ve confirmed it is the right list, start shopping!