#1 Way To Message Seller (On Amazon), Fast

June 2, 2020
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Pro Tip: Click here to get access to the Amazon Message Center. Send a seller a direct message via their Amazon Seller account.

To message a seller on Amazon as fast as possible, click on the link by the seller's name. This link gets shown under the 'Buy Now' button on each product. The link sends you to a page where you're able to instantly get in contact with the seller. This message is then sent to their Amazon seller account inbox.

Getting in contact with a third-party seller is easy with Amazon. You're able to send a message through Amazon.com or through your Amazon Seller account. Messages get sent through to your inbox for you to review and respond to. Messages are a convenient and fast way to get in contact with a seller. Most sellers are quick to respond, but keep in mind that time zones vary.