How Do I Join The Amazon Early Reviewer Program? (+ Make Money)

June 1, 2020
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Pro Tip: Click here to enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry to be eligible to join the Amazon Early Review Program. Your products also need to be $15+ and have no previous reviews.

Sign up on your Amazon Seller account by clicking the 'Early Review Program' button under the 'Advertising' tab. Your products need to get registered with the Amazon Brand Registry, cost more than $15, and have no previous reviews.

Joining the Amazon Early Review Program as a seller is a great way to receive reviews on your products and get higher rankings. The Amazon Early Review Program is in place to help sellers to get reviews on their products.

This feature encourages buyers to leave reviews by offering a voucher in return for honest feedback. The more good reviews your product has, the higher it ranks and the more sales you make.

As a shopper, you aren't able to join the Amazon Early Review program. Shoppers get chosen at random to do reviews and receive a gift card of $1 to $3. This is's way of ensuring that shoppers leave authentic reviews.

Amazon continues to gather reviews for your product until it reaches 5 reviews. After this amount gets reaches, it's no longer apart of the program.