How Much Did Amazon Buy Twitch For

Updated February, 2020
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How much did  Amazon buy Twitch for? Twitch, a live streaming gaming platform, was acquired by Amazon in a 2014 bidding war with Google.

Google reportedly offered $1 billion for Twitch but was turned down for Amazon's $970 million.

Why Amazon? "One of the things that really stood out about Amazon was their approach to acquisitions. We will be a wholly-owned subsidiary and I will remain CEO," said Shear. "They have a long term vision about how to create big opportunities in the future by investing today."

To date, Amazon’s Twitch made $230 million in ad revenue for 2018 and $300 million for 2019 but was hoping to see ad revenues between $500 million - $600 million in 2019, with the service hitting $1 billion. Start your 30-day free Prime trial,  here.