How To Change Shipping Address On Amazon Order Already Shipped

May 15, 2020
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Question: How to change shipping address on Amazon order already shipped?

: You have 2 options if you want to change your address after your amazon order ships. You can either contact Amazon’s customer service here to see if they can contact the 3rd party courier delivering your package, or contact your seller directly. Your seller might be able to contact the 3rd party delivery company. From there, they’d be able to correct your shipping address.

How To Change Shipping Address On Amazon Order Already Shipped

Changing your shipping address on Amazon once your order already ships is not easy. Most times it’s simply not possible. There’s so much physical & digital machinery and process that goes into placing that order the moment after you hit that ‘buy’ button. It’s also a fairly uncommon occurrence. Amazon gives you a ton of opportunity & time to make appropriate changes to your shipping address before your order ships.

The good news is there is a workaround that includes contacting your seller. Ask your seller to send a message to the 3rd party carrier delivering your package. That 3rd party carrier should be able to manually change your delivery address.

Can You Change Your Shipping Address Once Shipped From Amazon?

The short answer is no. But you can either contact Amazon directly here, or contact your seller directly. From there, ask them to contact your local last-mile delivery company to manually change your shipping address.

Amazon does not physically allow you to alter a shipping address once the order is placed. Once the order is placed, Amazon’s facility systems ensure the product is packaged and sent off almost immediately. This process of identifying your item, packaging, and shipping is done almost entirely by machines now. Sometimes this entire process takes place in less than 5 minutes. It’s ridiculous.

When these packages ship, they’re shipped with a ton of other packages. These items are shipped in bulk & handed to carriers for delivery.

If the product is still in the beginning steps of shipping, Amazon allows you to change the shipping address. If your product is in advanced shipping stages (or already shipped) Amazon is virtually helpless.

Note: If an order is marked as “Shipping Soon,” it’s preparing to be shipped or delivered. You cannot change or alter your order & this stage.