How To Share Amazon Wish List

June 1, 2020
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Pro tip: Click here to view your Wish List and easily invite others to see it. You're able to share a live link, or send access to the person you want to share it with by typing in their email address.

It's quick and easy to share your Amazon Wish List. Sign in to your account, click 'Wish List' under your 'Accounts & List'. From here, you're able to invite others to view (or view and edit) your Wish List.

Wish Lists are a feature on Amazon that allows you to register items that you want on your Amazon Wish List. You create them to keep track of the goods or services that catch your eye.

This list is useful for friends to look at when deciding what gift to buy you. However, friends and family aren't able to look at your Wish List unless you've shared it with them.

5 Easy steps to share your Amazon Wish List

  • Sign in to your Amazon account
  • Click on 'Wish list' under the 'Accounts and Lists tab'
  • Click on the 'invite' button
  • Choose whether you want to others to 'View only' or 'View and edit'
  • You're then able to copy a link, or add the email address of the person you want to share your list with