Kindle Fire Battery Replacement

November 20, 2020
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Replacing your Kindle Fire battery is easy and fast to do, you just need to know a few tricks. The back of your Kindle is very hard to get off, so you need to create leverage in order to get your old battery out. Follow these 4 simple steps to replace your battery:

  1. Wedge a plastic tool into the lower right corner of the Kindle Fire (Plastic is best as it won't damage your device)
  2. Free all of the plastic clips at the back of your device
  3. Pull the back case off your Kindle Fire
  4. Fit the tip of your plastic tool between the right battery cell and the Kindle Fire's frame
  5. Remove the screws with a small screwdriver
  6. Detach the plastic piece that's connecting your motherboard
  7. Lift out the old battery gently with your fingers and place in your new one

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