Kindle Unlimited History (+How To Find)

June 15, 2020
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Pro Tip: Click here to look at your 'Manage Content and Devices' page. Click on the 'Books' button and select 'Kindle Unlimited' from the drop box.

Your Kindle Unlimited history is easy to find with your Amazon account. Click on the 'Manage Content and Devices' tab at the top of your homepage, under your search bar. Then, click on the 'Books' filter and select the 'Kindle Unlimited' option.

Your history shows up on your page and you're able to see which books you've read or listened to. View each book you've read since the beginning of your subscription.

What does Kindle Unlimited include?

  • Unlimited book downloads form the Kindle app onto any device
  • eBooks of every genre
  • 2000+ Audible books (found on Amazon, here)