Kindle Vs Fire

November 24, 2020
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Both the Amazon Firestick and the Fire TV are very popular due to their affordability. Which one is the better choice? Both are great streaming devices, both for books and movies. The choice depends on your needs and wants out of your device. The Kindle is much better for those wanting a more sophisticated reading experience, whereas the Fire Stick is better for those wanting a high-tech video streaming device.

Reasons to buy a Firestick:

  • The design is user-friendly
  • The controls are simple
  • There is a wide range of devices to choose from
  • Their overall look is sleek and sophisticated
  • The Fire Sticks have a high video capability
  • Excellent for streaming movies, games and series

Reasons to buy a Kindle:

  • Access to Kindle Unlimited
  • Superior reading experience
  • High-resolution screen
  • High-quality LCD lighting
  • User-friendly design

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