Received A Package I Didn't Order With My Name Amazon (+ Best Solution)

June 1, 2020
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Pro Tip: Click here to use Password Assistance and use a one-time OTP to update your password and login information. Or, click here to use the Online Returns Center to send your item back if it's the wrong order or a gift you don't want.

If you receive a package you didn't order, it's potentially a gift, an extra item that came with your order, or the wrong item. To send items back, use Amazon's Online Returns Center. However, the item could be from a scammer. This means you need to update your login information with Password Assistance.

If you've received an item you didn't order, investigate how the delivery got sent to you.  

What if the package is from a scammer?

Sellers are using a 'brushing' scam to buy their own products with fake accounts. They then send the products to unsuspecting people. The good news is that you're legally allowed to keep whatever merchandise gets sent to you. The reason that this package gets sent to you is that a seller needed an address to ship their product to.

Why would sellers do this? Because the more purchases an item has, the higher it ranks on The chances of it receiving more positive reviews also increase. Unfortunately, for sellers to send a package to you they need your personal information. This means that they've gained access to your account. Use Amazon's Password Assistance tool to update your information.

Other reasons you've got a package that you didn't order

  • Friends or family members are able to send you gifts with Amazon. If you receive a package that has your name on it, speak with your loved ones to see who it came from.
  • Extra items sometimes come with your package. This is often a welcome surprise, but if you don't want the extra item then you're able to send it back. No refund or restocking fee gets requested, as the item is free.
  • Amazon potentially didn't get your order right. If you've received an order that's wrong, send it back to Amazon via the Amazon Returns Center. Report the mistake with Amazon using the Customer Service Feature.