What Is the Amazon Returns Phone Number (+ Link to Call)

May 29, 2020
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Pro Tip: Call Amazon directly for returns at 1 (866) 216-1072, or visit Amazon.com and live chat with a representative.

Amazon is not always the easiest to get in touch with regarding the need to return an item. The preferred way to contact them is via their Help & Support page where you can identify the order in question and request it to be returned. However, sometimes speaking to someone is best and clicking through their website doesn’t solve your problem.

To get in touch with Amazon directly, you can call the Amazon returns phone number. Their number is 1 (866) 216-1072, which reaches the Amazon Return Center. Here, you will be able to vocalize your dismay and desire to return your item to a human representative.

You can also contact Amazon for returns through their website via online chat or their Help & Support page.

Click here to get to Amazon's Returns & Refunds Page.