Will Best Buy Price Match Amazon (Hint: Maybe)

May 29, 2020
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Pro Tip: Either print the Amazon listing or have it ready on your phone to speed up the process when price matching in a Best Buy retail store.

Yes, Best Buy will price match Amazon products. There are a few ways to check if the item’s price can be matched at Best Buy. The first method is in person at a Best Buy store. Find the item you’d like to match in the Best Buy store and take it to the customer service desk. Ask the representative if Best Buy can price match Amazon for this product. The representative will either search for the item on Amazon, or ask you to show the item’s listing on your phone or piece of paper (if you printed it). Once the representative confirms that the item can be price matched, you can proceed with your purchase.

If you’d like Best Buy to price match Amazon through bestbuy.com, you can either call or use the online chat feature. The representative will ask for the Best Buy item and the Amazon item. They will then confirm that it can be price matched, and you will be able to follow through with your purchase.

Yes, Best Buy will price match Amazon items. To see if the item you’ve found on Amazon qualifies, take Best Buy’s version of that item to a customer support desk. Ask the representative if you can perform a price match for this item. At this time, show the item’s listing on Amazon. The representative will verify that they are equivalent and that the price can be matched. Finally, make your purchase and enjoy your new product! This can also be performed via Best Buy’s online chat support or by calling Best Buy support.